Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bright Ideas: Teacher's Life Video

Do your students seem shocked to see you at the grocery store? Have you ever been asked where you sleep when you are at school at night? If you teach kinders, you know that sometimes the children are surprised to find out that you don't live at school! (Even though some weeks you feel like you really do!) 

Whether you teach younger or older kids, all students want to know more about their teacher's lives. After all, they love you and think you are a superstar, right? Why not make a quick video about your life after school?
See one of my doggies waiting for me by the door?

They might be surprised you go the gym. ("My mommy does that, too!) Or they might be interested to find out you have five dogs at your house. (That would be yours truly.) And don't worry about cleaning up...they are more interested in the 4 boxes of ice cream in your freezer than the dust bunnies on your floor! 
Introducing Harper Lee, one of my rescue dogs.
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For bright ideas from more than 100 teachers,  browse through the link up below for grades or topics that interest you.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Pete the Cat...It's All Good

It looks like Pete the Cat threw up all over my room. Yes, the picture is blurry...I think I was getting dizzy at this point. Just kidding. As Pete would say, "It's all good." 

We set out to complete our first art project with our 25 kinders today. It took all three of us (me, my parapro and the student teacher) to get the job done. And in case you didn't know, the reason you have a parapro, is because SHE gets to help unnamed student trace and cut a tail FOUR times. Ah, the patience, the commitment, the dedication of that sweet gal!

The first goal was to work on tracing patterns, cutting on the lines and following directions. Then we let go and let the children cut their own eyes, whiskers, legs, noses and shoe laces. The variety of skill levels created some cats that are simply PRECIOUS.

This week we used another chart I've had for years. (You know I love my old school stuff.) I'm sure you won't be surprised who stole the cookies. It's all good, though. Pete sent some cookies that really delivered on great math counting and conversation about whole and halves. 

Pete also helped us do some sorting and graphing this week. Here's a look at our favorite shoe colors.

Yep. Those are my feet. I get my teaching groove on when I'm shoeless.

Just in case you didn't know, there are some groovy downloads at the Pete the Cat HarperCollins site.

The beginning of our year has been just "purr-fect" thanks to Pete. What Pete activities do you use in your room?
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Blog: Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals

I am excited to announce that I am on a team with some of my blogger buddies to bring you a new collaborative blog called Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals! With this blog, there will be approximately FORTY teachers sharing their excellent work in what we are calling Dollar Steals!

What is a Dollar Steal, you ask?  Each day, one of my bloggy friends will be sharing a post about one of her products. In her blog post, she will share a link to her product where you can purchase it for only $1.00. 

You'll have to act fast because the sale will only last for THREE days.  After the three days, you can still grab the fabulous product, but it will be at its original price.

Click on that button! Follow our new blog  through email or Bloglovin' to make sure that you catch all of our deals in a timely manner. 

We are also giving away a $25 TeachersPayTeachers gift certificate. You can enter by following us!

Now that's working smart!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Crayon Box Books

Friends, I'm repeating this post from last August. I hope all my new friends have a colorful year!
Ahhhh...the smell of new crayons. It must be back to school time! On the first day of school, my kiddos dumped two boxes of brand new crayons into their plastic boxes. I just couldn't stand to throw away 50 empty crayon boxes. After all, I'm trying to do my part to keep the world green...and pink and recycling. Now just what could those boxes be used for?

Ta da! We are going to turn our boxes into little flip books. Begin by cutting off the sides, bottom and top flaps from each box. You can cut blank paper to fit inside your crayon-box covers. Bind the pages between covers by punching holes and using metal rings. Provide color-word flash cards so students can write a different color word on each page. 

I made up some cutie pages to give my students practice writing and reading the color words. If you are interested, I put them in my TPT store for a buck. Click here:

This package includes pages for the eight basic colors found in a box of eight crayons along with pink and white. The books look like this:

Here are examples of the pages:

What ideas do you have for reusing crayon boxes. I'd be tickled pink if you'd leave a comment!

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Get Ready for a SMART Year!

Smart Teachers...It's time to work smart!
Get ready for the year by shopping the TPT Back-to-School Sale!

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